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  WholeSam began as a way to show people that home cooked food can be so much more fun, personal, enjoyable, connected, healthy, and sensational than eating out. There are certain rules at restaurants and establishments like, "you can't put this with that.." or you have to dress a certain way. But at home there are no boundaries. No rules. We all know how it feels to eat at home and I want to bring these special moments back with a touch of elegance.


  My love for food made me pursue a career in cooking. I found myself cooking for friends, parties, family dinners, and anything that anyone would let me cater. It lead me on an incredible path to becoming a private chef for Ludacris and many A list celebrities.

  The best part about cooking is that the more time I spend in the kitchen, the happier I am. I am a certified health coach as well so my nutrition brain is always thinking about making food nourishing. I strongly believe that you can be healthy and be a foodie at the same time. I prepare all my food with heart. And a lot of soul. Seeing people feel amazing in their bodies is the most rewarding part! I want all my clients to look and feel their best! 


Our Services Include:

In Home Private Chef: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. in the comfort of your own home, on your time and schedule, without worrying about anything! We can cook dinner for you twice a week, or all 3 meals everyday. It depends on your needs.


Drop Off Meal Delivery: Premium Meal Preps.


One-Off small parties (10 or less): Crowd pleasing. Attention to detail. Seasonal food. Connection. Family style or plated, your choice. 


Personal Cooking Lessons: 1 on 1 lessons to learn! Let's cook it up together

"Sami is so passionate and she
is one of my FAVORITE CHEFS!"


"The BEST CHEF I know!"


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Nourishing, Loving Food In The Comfort Of Your Home

We live to nourish others and we will make you crave food you've never craved before. We offer more than meals and food, we create moments in your home. We specialize in nutritious, vibrant, wholesome food. Food should not only satisfy your hunger, but beautify your life. It is our honor to care for you. 


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